Government pays for people to move from Auckland

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The New Zealand Government is offering $5000 cash to people in Auckland to move to another part of the country.
The scheme launches in Auckland today, and is part of efforts to tackle the city’s housing crisis.
Anyone willing to move will get a grant of up to NZ$5,000, as long as they’re currently eligible for social housing.
Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett says 130 have voiced an interest in the scheme so far, and stressed that the scheme is voluntary.
Auckland has seen house prices boom in recent years, and a shortage of affordable housing has left some families living in dire conditions.

12 Responses

  1. I was really concerned about the people living outside or in their car. I knew the NZ government had to do it. I am pretty sure if they didn’t give money, there you could possibly be a protest.

  2. Does the money go to the person renting the house or the owner? Or is it only houses you own that you can receive the $5,000?

  3. $5000 is nothing to move out of auckland because houses are way more expensive then $5000

  4. if i where paid 1M i would leave this country and go to one of the happy nordic countries

  5. Finally,I saw a house in Auckland what was ugly! And moldy! That was a million dollars.

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