Government announces teaching robots in NZ classrooms

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Education Minister Chris Hipkins has announced that Labour Government will fund a teaching robot into every New Zealand classroom by the end of 2020.
Hipkins made the announcement at an Easter luncheon at the North Shore Library on Friday and showed the students a prototype that will be similar to the ones that will be rolled out soon.
A recent trial in Finland with teaching robots proved very successful and the system in New Zealand would be modeled on this.
The Finish robots are called ‘Elias’ but Hipkins said the New Zealand models would be referred to as ‘Jacindas’ in reference to the current Prime Minister.

Hipkins said the new robots will help principals because unlike normal teachers they can work around the clock marking and preparing lessons and you don’t have to pay them as much.
It is also believed that the new robots will help with the current teacher shortage in some parts of New Zealand.
He also explained that the robots are able to understand and speak 23 languages, including sign language and Maori, and is equipped with software that allows it to understand students’ requirements and helps it to encourage learning.
The robot will recognizes the pupil’s skill levels and adjusts its questions accordingly. It also gives feedback to teachers about a student’s possible problems.

15 Responses

  1. If this real, which it may or may not be, I hope I get to use one before I graduate.

  2. The vid says ‘Finnish school’. And there are robots that teach, but the ‘Alias’ is a famous dancing robot, not a teaching robot

  3. This tech is very VERY realistic,
    Soon we will make make self aware AI that can learn and teach.
    For all we know in 20 years our teachers will be robots.

  4. The teachers at newbury school love to teach they don’t want to get replaced by a robot

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