Google invents ‘sticky’ car

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Google has unveiled an idea to keep pedestrians safer on the road – sticky cars!

The idea is that the car bonnet is so sticky that if it hits a person, they would stick to the car.

This would stop the them falling back onto the road after the collision, which could injure them even more.

Google hope to use the idea on their driver-less cars but could be used on regular cars too.

To stop flies and moths sticking to the car, a sticky layer would be covered by a special coating.

It is just an idea at the moment but it could be something we see on our roads in the future!

31 Responses

  1. Cool Idea this could be the new car of the future but how would you wash it and what if you are talking to someone and you lean on the bonnet and get stuck or if you went to a speedway to watch racing and some people sit on the bonnet and when they go to get off they cant !!!

  2. It Would be really tricky to get off the car when you stick to it!
    How do u see through the wind screen?
    Still quite cool though!

  3. I think that this is an unsafe, and bad idea, for example, when a car crashes into a person, blood would stick to the car and the person would block the driver’s or camera’s vision, meaning the driver could crash into a stationary object, meaning the person would almost certainly be killed. (Depending on the speed of the vehicle.)

  4. Here some of the reasons I WOULDN’T like this idea:

    1. What if you can’t look out the windscreen while driving because the persons blocking it?
    2. What if they can’t get off the bonnet?
    3. What if the car get’s stuck to something around it?

    These are just some of the reasons I could list! But also, “The Sticky Car”? They could have come up with a better name! It could be called: The Star or The Sticker!

    Just some ideas…

  5. I do not agree with that idea.
    How would people get off after they stick
    to it?
    I hope I never get that car!!

  6. This is the dumbest idea ever next they’ll be inventing paper boats

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