Glass of Dewitos anyone?

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For fans of Mountain Dew and lovers of Doritos, Dewitos may be the drink for you!

PepsiCo is working on creating their newest beverage – Mountain Dew that tastes like Doritos. This new drink will have the nacho cheese flavour of Doritos and the citrus sweetness of Mountain Dew all combined in one fizzy orange drink.

Dewitos was tested on students at Kent State University in Ohio, many who were a little wary to taste the drink. However one student stated that “it honestly wasn’t that disgusting’ and explained that it tasted like drinking Mountain Dew with a handful of cheesy Dorito chips in his mouth.

The student said that the drink had an ‘interesting taste’ but that he wouldn’t say that it ‘tasted good.’

Mountain Dew has always enjoyed testing wacky flavour combinations and allowing fans to test their creations to get their opinions.

It has not been decided whether Dewitos will hit shelves yet, but I personally don’t think I’d be a fan!

What do you think, great combo or disgusting disaster?

Article written by  D Mulhern

23 Responses

  1. hey people here are saying yuck ewww and gross but how do you know have you tried it how do you even know you wouldn’t like it.

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