Giant squid at Te Papa

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A giant squid will be the focus of attention at Te Papa next month as it is defrosted.

The colossal squid was caught on a fishing vessel’s long line in Antarctic waters.

As soon as it was caught it was placed in a deepfreeze  at the national museum.

The squid weighs just over 400kg and its gender is unknown. The museum is hoping that it is a male.

The fish is an incredibly rare find, because in 20 years’ of deep-sea fishing in Antarctica only three whole specimens have been caught.

Te Papa said that it is possible that after scientists have looked at it the squid will  go on public display.

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  1. What’s this is Te papa in New Zealand. I just what to know because my Antey said that she has seeing it before. I find it a bit bit bit funny.

  2. THIS is the biggest squid i have ever seen i geuss this is why it’s in kiwi kids news we have been doing a bit of research

  3. We watched the scientists work on it and it was quite amazing that something so gruesome was on TV but it was quite fascinating.?

  4. We watched at our Nana’s house on the TV about this and it was quite fascinating to see the scientists examine the colossal squid

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