Giant sandpit lawn

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After getting sick of mowing her lawn, 66 year old Georgianna Reid, hired contractors to rip up her lawn and turn it into a giant sandpit.

The Kansas City resident startled her neighbours with the 80 tonnes of sand that became her lawn, complete with a volleyball court, ornaments and a low fence surrounding the area.

The transformation cost $4,000 and Georgianna is very pleased with her new sandpit garden, saying that she is happy not to have to worry about mowing and watering anymore now she is over 60.

However, some of Georgianna’s neighbours are not so impressed by the renovation and a few have filed complaints to the city officials.

Some believe that the sandpit will hurt the property value of the neighbourhood but city officials have visited the house but found no violations.

It’s not all complaints though, some of her neighbours have announced that they love the transformation.

Georgianna is not bothered by the opinions though, and is quite content with her new lawn.

Article written by  D Mulhern

39 Responses

  1. I would not like that because I love the feel of grass and the dew on it in the morning, you would have to have pot plants and not wild beautiful flowers that grow in the country of your back garden.

  2. Wow that’s awesome HEY when can I come build a sand castle oh and a sand mountain I miss my sandpit! 🙂

  3. AWESOME!!! when can we do that to mine!!! but I do like the feel of grass but still I WANT A GIGANTIC SANDPIT!!!!AND I WANT IT NOW!!!! hahaha =>

  4. I like the idea but it has a few downsides e.g hidden sharp sticks, attracts sand flies and a lot more but still its a awesome idea

  5. That is cool but really she should be a proper person and do the lawns like really??

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