Giant man sized lobster found

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Scientists have discovered a bizarre human-sized lobster ancestor that lived 480 million years ago.

The monster used spiny “limbs” on its head to sift food from the ocean.

It also had pairs of fins along both sides of its 2m-long body, which are precursors of the double limbs seen in many of its living relatives.

This adds to our picture of how modern “arthropods” developed – a group of animals that includes crustaceans, spiders and insects.

An unusually well-preserved fossil from Morocco was the key to the discovery.

The fossil itself was first found by fossil hunter Mohamed Ben Moula and is named in his honour: Aegirocassis benmoulae. The first part of the name refers to a giant Norse sea god (Aegir) and the Latin for helmet (cassis).

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  1. No. Someone is not lying about this. Because they only do that on April fools for a joke. And a good article. Must have been a great discovery.

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