Giant 100kg gold coin stolen

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A giant gold coin worth $6 million NZD has been stolen from a museum in Germany.

The giant Canadian coin is known as the “big maple leaf”.

The giant coin weighs a massive 100kg, is 3cm thick, 53cm in diameter, and carries a likeness of Queen Elizabeth II on one side.

The coin was taken during the night from the Bode Museum in Berlin. It is not clear how the thieves got through the alarm system or carried the heavy coin.

The coin is thought to be too heavy for a single person to carry, and police believe the thieves entered through a window.

The coin was secured with bullet-proof glass inside the building.

The coin was minted by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2007.

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  1. WHAT!!!
    I can’t belive this.
    A 100kg coin that is going to be so heavy maybe the theives killed the alarm system or hacked into it or something like that but that is AWFUL.

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