Ghost ship washes up in Africa

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An oil tanker with nobody on board has mysteriously washed up on a beach on the west coast of Africa, leaving officials scratching their heads as to how it got there.

The 63m, Panama-flagged Tamaya was found beached in Robertsport, Liberia with no sign of captain or crew.

The Liberia national police and bureau of immigration have inspected the ship.

A port authority insider said: “Our best bet is that the vessel’s owner might have gone broke and had no money to pay crew members … and therefore, the crew abandoned the ship.”

54 Responses

  1. I think that this isn’t that great because it is falling apart and it would aventully create pollution and that is terrible for the. Fish and the birds in the ocean and the people on board could have died or still be alive somewhere u never know

  2. I think, that the captain had an argument with the crew, therefor the ship went to shore, because no one was driving and then the crew left and the waves got rid of the foot prints… But this may not even be the case..

  3. I was listening about this in school and writing about this in school and i thought it was from a t.v show deadly catch!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I recon that the crew swam away from the ship because of a rage or crazy captian that tried to kill them or just went syco

  5. wow I want to know more about the GHOST SHIP.
    Also Rachel did you make american girl ideas on youtube?

  6. I wonder what happened to that ship I think that it was tied up at the docks and the rope ether came un tied or snaped

  7. i am not scary about that,but that’ not every one does not scary about that,BTH,why does ghost ship in africa

  8. Wow. We should look at the ship more closer then ask country’s if the ship belongs to them. And that sounds really cool, that could show that ghost’s are real.

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