German University gives grants for ‘doing nothing’

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A German University has announced that they will give grants to people who will do nothing.

Hamburg’s Fine Arts University will give $3,100NZD scholarships to projects that explore the structure of society and individuals.

The grants are called “idleness grants” and they will go to applicants who are seriously committed to doing sweet nothing.

The applicants can submit their anonymous pitches until 15 September and will have to convince a jury that their chosen area of “active inactivity” is particularly impressive or relevant.

The application form consists of only four questions:
What do you not want to do?
For how long do you not want to do it?
Why is it important not to do this thing in particular?
Why are you the right person not to do it?

“Doing nothing isn’t very easy,” said Friedrich von Borries, an architect and design theorist who came up with the programme. “We want to focus on active inactivity. If you say you are not going to move for a week, then that’s impressive. If you propose you are not going to move or think, that might be even better.”

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