Gaming system for dogs?

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Gaming systems are one of the most popular ways to cure a case of boredom, something that pet experts have come to realize, resulting in a new game console just for dogs!

Many working dog owners feel guilty leaving their pets at home all day with nothing to do.

A lot of the time, this resulting boredom leads dogs to misbehave, leaving behind a trail of chewed shoes, torn newspapers and burst feather cushions.

CleverPet inventors believe they have found a solution with their new pet games console.

The CleverPet console is an educational toy, that teaches your dog to interact in new ways, rewarding their progress with treats when they get an activity right.

The gadget has 3 touch pads which entertain, educate and feet your dog all at the same time.

The console is set to go on sale at $279 and is expected to be a popular addition to households with their own special canine.

Article written by  D Mulhern

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  1. Very smart a gaming system for dogs would be great but are you sure that the dogs would play on it.

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