Frenchman finds gold under house

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A Frenchman who inherited a large house from a relative has found an astonishing 100kg haul of gold hidden under the furniture.

There were 5,000 gold pieces, two bars of 12kg and 37 ingots of 1kg.

The treasure is worth an estimated €3.5m (NZD$5.3million).

The gold  was “extremely well hidden”.  It was only found when the house’s new owner started moving things around.

It has already been sold on to buyers in France and overseas.

11 Responses

  1. wow that is a lot of money and what would you do with all that money i would do anything i would buy two houses a car and lots more that would be crazy and weird

  2. To kiwi kids news readers.

    i would buy…
    5 story house,2000000 Puppies and 20 cars and 5000000000000000000000000 more puppies and a zoo so i can have more Animals.

    hahahahaha Animals.

    Puppies Rule?/Maya?

  3. if i knew that there was gold under my house i would tear down my house sell the wood and funiture and then buy a new house

  4. i would buy…

    A horse for my bff(i have one already), a stable for them, and a house for me and my family, and i would help the rest of my family pay off mortgages and stuff like that! AND some more horses. and some dogs. and cats. and sheep.and calves. and maybe some more horses

  5. This article is so cool. This very one day has changed one couples life for ever. Very heart moving for me personally.

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