Four year olds now allowed to start school

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A Bill which has just been passed by Parliament allows schools to enrol children before their fifth birthday.
The new rule means that children can start school from the beginning of the term closest to their fifth birthday.
Until now their fifth birthday determined when they would start school, and Education Minister Nikki Kaye says the system needs to be flexible.
The Bill also contains other changes to the education system, and Ms Kaye said it was the most significant update for 30 years.
It makes clear that seclusion – isolating misbehaving children – isn’t allowed.

23 Responses

  1. no i’m a kid that would be wrong the kids would miss a lot of their child hood

  2. Hmm… Big change, I think they haven’t changed the age you can go to primary school in a few decades… (at least that’s what I think)

  3. I think this is an excellent chance to become smarter and learn more! A lot of four year olds can’t wait to go to school and now they don’t have to wait! – 13 year old

  4. I think 4 year old’s are perfectly capable of starting school. As long as they are prepared to handle school/homework. They also should no longer require nappies or naps (short sleep) during the day.

  5. Eh, 5 year olds starting school was better cause it is not fair for the 4 year olds to start school earlier than they should. Unless they are definitely ready. I think it should be up to their parents to decide whether their child should start school at the beginning of the term.

  6. that news was interesting because four year old kids are now allowed to go to school.

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