Forest fires swamp Canada

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A huge wildfire raging in the Canadian province of Alberta is growing further and could spill in to neighbouring Saskatchewan.

The flames have already caused the evacuation of 80,000 people from the oil city of Fort McMurray.

Thousands are still stuck north of the city and their evacuation is still to take place.

Hot, dry and windy conditions are hampering efforts by hundreds of firefighters to tackle the blaze.

“In no way is this fire under control,” said Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.

The wildfire now covers an area of more than 200,000 hectares, which includes areas still ablaze and areas already burnt. That is roughly double the size of Auckland City.

Some 1,600 homes and other buildings have been lost but no deaths or injuries have been reported.

18 Responses

  1. they should put out the flame and if it relight itself then they should find an underground pipeline and try to break it and cool the atmosphere ;-;

  2. Well! 100’s of firemen, to put out that much fire, neally no sleep for most!!!!!!!!!!!!! They need thousands! THEY NEED LOTS OF REINFORCEMENT!



  3. This is very sad because people have to evacuate and their homes will be destroyed.

  4. here is some good idears if they want to live slow down the fire you canlet it burn out but it will take a long time to fix it so find a way to slow it down

  5. that looks dangerous i would not like to be there at the moment. I hope it does not spread anywhere else.
    I hope the government/fire brigade get it under control.

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