Flying horses in Switzerland

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You might have heard about flying pigs but have you seen a flying horse?

Well, flying horses have been seen in Switzerland. In this case the horses were being flown from helicopters as part of a training exercise with the Swiss army.

Sometimes a horse can get injured and need emergency treatment. The army was testing the fastest way of transporting them.

Don’t worry none of these horses were injured and they were all carefully looked after during the training.

A total of 12 horses were put in specially made harnesses.

The harnesses were fitted around the horses and special handlers made sure they were comfortable. They also wore protective boots and blindfolds.

The pilots flew at 140 kilometres per hour and special training was given to ensure a smooth journey.

What do you think of these flying horses? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. i was so weirded out when i read the heading, til i clicked and i was like ohhhhhhhh….

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