Flood of kittens stresses SPCA

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The Auckland SPCA is being inundated with cats and kittens and is worried it soon may be unable to care for the animals.
The organisation is pleading for foster homes for more than 400 cats over the holiday season.
SPCA community services manager Rebecca Laird said Christmas was the busiest season with most of the regular foster parents going away and unable to care for the animals.
She said the organisation needed people who would be staying home and could care for an animal for four to six weeks until the SPCA has recovered from its busy period.
“This is critical to how many animals we can save – we can’t help animals if we have no where to put them.”
Veterinarian nurse Adrianne Cossey, who oversees the cats and kittens brought into the SPCA, said that on any day up to 20 animals were brought in, and on a busy day up to 75.
“I’ve got 47 cages which are filled most days, we try and rotate them as quickly as possible.”

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7 Responses

  1. It is so sad and distressing that so many animals have to go to the SPCA due to being mistreated or unloved.
    Many people do not care about the welfare of animals and what they mean to other people.
    All animals need food, water, safe and suitable shelter, lots and lots of love and deserve to be happy.
    Why do people think they can ignore this responsibility!
    There has been times when an animal has received injuries because they were run over by a dangerous motor vehicle driver! or the owners has been thoughtless by not looking after their animals by keeping them safe on their property.
    The SPCA is a good animal place so if you really want to get your child an animal go to the SPCA and support them. The SPCA has animals that need our help. Some are abandoned, some recovery from their injuries and some that were lost – they all want to have a happy life.
    So PLEASE go to the SPCA when you want to get a pet …..go right now !!!!PLEASE
    so thats really what Auckland SPCA wants you to do, to buy or babysit a animal.
    so please support the Auckland SPCA but most of all the cats!

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