Flight Attendants Reveal Weird Experiences

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Being a flight attendant can be an awesome job with the opportunity to travel the world while getting paid! However dealing with passengers on flights isn’t always so easy or as fun… check out some of the strangest things flight attendants have seen on flights!

1. Noise Complaint 

Yes that’s right one flight attendant actually dealt with a complaint from a passenger who demanded that the pilot make the engine noise stop…the attendant had to explain that if the noise stopped then the engines would no longer be keeping the plane in the air.


2. Toilet Food

One man felt that it was a good idea to use the water in the toilet to make his cup-a-soup. A flight attendant wanted to point out that the water lines had never been cleaned and was not safe to consume.


3. Flying Rubbish Dump

Many flight attendants will tell you of the mess left behind on planes by lazy passengers. Everything from food packets to magazines to even bloody bandages have been found tossed around the floor and shoved between seats.


4. Nail Clippings

A plane is certainly not the place to give yourself a manicure of pedicure but flight attendants report finding nail clippings over the floors and seats.


5. Flying Low

One passenger asked if the pilots could fly the plane closer to the ground because his wife was afraid of heights.


6. Personal Gym

Some passengers feel that a plane full of other people is a great place to practise their yoga or workout. Several flight attendants have reported passengers doing exercises in the aisles.





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