Flappy bird crazy hits New Zealand

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A simple but addictive game known as Flappy Bird has become a hit on mobile games.

Flappy Bird attracted more than 50 million in just a few days and hooked users into a time-consuming challenge.

However, the designer of the game, Dong Nguyen, has of now-pulled iOS smash hit Flappy Bird saying that it was harmful.

He claimed that the addictive nature of the game made it a problem for some people and he thought the best way to stop it was to take it off the market.

Last week Nguyen’s estimated daily take from Flappy Bird in-app advertising was US$50,000.

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25 Responses

  1. wow i have played flappybird and it is a cool game i dont know why he has to take it off the matket.

  2. i love flappy bird i play on it soooo much! so simple but a great game high score: 63!!!!

  3. wow i cant believe that flappy birds is off the market just because Dong Nguyen thought it was harmful!

  4. They are stretching to make it look bigger if you don’t believe me see for yourself it’s obvious.

  5. I understand why he took it off the app store. I have seen a couple videos on youtube where people smash there phones with hammers….. but its a fun game over all

  6. Why do you hate it? it’s so easy 2 at least get 10 and that’s satisfying enough

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