Flamingo found after 17 years

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An African flamingo that escaped from a zoo in Kansas has been spotted…17 years after it went first missing!

A video of the bird, officially known as number 492, was posted online by the Coastal Fisheries Division of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

It shows the flamingo, which has also been nicknamed Pink Floyd, roaming free off the coast of Texas earlier this month.

The recent find isn’t the first time number 492 has been identified out in nature, and it’s also been seen in other states including Wisconsin and Louisiana.

Number 492 escaped from The Sedgwick County Zoo when zookeepers were clipping the wings of their exotic birds to make sure they weren’t able to fly away.

Did you know?

The flamingo is the national bird of The Bahamas.

Flamingos are monogamous by nature and only lay around one egg per year.

It takes flamingos about three years to get their pink and red feathers.

Adult flamingos’ feathers range from light pink to bright red due to their food supply. The brighter the feathers, the more well-fed the flamingo is.

Flamingos=water birds. They live in and around lagoons or lakes.

A flock of flamingos is called a stand or a flamboyance.

Flamingos are very social. They live in colonies of thousands of birds.

There was a flamingo that lived to be 83 YEARS OLD at the Adelaide Zoo in Australia. The flamingo sadly passed away in 2014.

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