Flag vote begins

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Union Jack, or Silver Fern? Keep the flag, or change it?
Voting papers on the second referendum arrived in mailboxes on Thursday morning.
Kiwis can decide whether we should keep our current flag, or change to Kyle Lockwood’s Silver Fern (Black, White and blue design).
Which ever flag wins this referendum WILL become the national flag for New Zealand.
Prime Minister John Key, who supports a change of flag, has urged people not to “waste their vote” and vote against change because they didn’t like him.
“The core message is this is a once in a life time opportunity for New Zealanders to decide which flag they want to represent our country. and I think these opportunities don’t come along very often, they’ll probably never happen again in the lifetime of most New Zealanders who vote in the referendum. [So] they should vote on the flag they think represents them best.”
Voting runs for three weeks and will close on March 24, with a preliminary vote announced later that day. The official result will be announced on March 30.
The two-step referendum will cost $26 million.

38 Responses

  1. Just because it bugs me, it is only called the Union Jack when on a ship otherwise the proper name is the Union Flag.

  2. I don’t think the flag should be changed because it’s a waist of money and the flag has been with us through a lot of things, like the olympics and for probably war.

  3. I think we should change the flag, because the flag is the face of NZ. We have already spent 38 million in the process of deciding, if we don’t change the flag that money has gone to waste.

  4. I have not yet decided which flag I want. I do like the new flag but I think that we could make new history under the new one. But although it seems like we are changing it for history and to make a ‘new’ New Zealand.(one that’s better) John Key is most likely doing this to make himself a part of history so he will be know as ‘that guy that gave us that flag!’. He wants to be known. Also he is wasting monkey.

  5. We should change our flag because with the fern we will have our own country

  6. I think we should change the flag because we are not a British colony anymore. And anyway, the fern is so us! I’m surprised. I thought people would want the flag to be changed?!

  7. In my opinion I honestly think that we should keep our flag as our New Zealand army men fought for that flag. Plus why waste that 26 million on changing our perfectly fine flag when we could put it to hospitals and education?

  8. I think we shouldn’t change the flag because it has a lot of history behind it. Why would we want it to be changed anyway?! We don’t want to lose this history. It stands for our country and who we are. Changing our flag means that we are leaving behind history.

  9. I honestly dont think we should change our flag. It has so much history behide it and since most other countrys would understand what the fern is, most people would think its a white feather (from ww1) which is really bad.

  10. New flag. Firstly is is not that different to the British one the only difference is that it replaces the British sign with a fern which represents NZ and a bit of black replaces a part of the blue. At least you will be able to tell the difference between the NZ flag and the Australian flag. Also it still has the southern cross. The next thing is if we don’t change the flag it is a waste of $24 million. Those who talk about history like the wars and stuff you will still be able to tell the history when we compare it to australia’s flag since it looks similar. In my opinion i think it represents us better because we shouldn’t have a british sign on it because we are a seperate country not like we are part of britain. So therefore we should vote for the new one.

  11. I think that we shouldn’t change the flag I mean we have had it forever and if anyone should change Australia should because we had the flag before them and they kinda copied us!!!!!

  12. I would like to see the new flag voted in because I read a letter from a Kiwi Vietnam war veteran, it stated that they never saw the New Zealand flag at their bases,and the flag the raised all all the bases had a silver fern on it. Also, the 30,000 New Zealanders who died at war, are buried under headstone, and one each of these headstones, is 2 curved silver ferns. Now that’s respect!

  13. the new flag is way better. silver ferns say fern at the end and the new flag has a fern and where not australia

  14. I think
    Fern = Sports Flag
    Union = The same as it is

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