Fancy a KFC bath???

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Would you like to wash yourself in KFC every day?

KFC Japan has launched a finger lickin’ good bath bomb, giving fans the chance to soak in hot, fried chicken-scented water.

It’s being released as a special, limited promotion.

Only 100 KFC drumstick-shaped bath bombs are being given away via the official KFC Japan Twitter account.

The lucky 100 recipients will get the bathing product, along with a red and white KFC-branded box and a coupon for a ‘secret combination’ pack of chicken.

It’s not the first time KFC Japan has put its famous 11 herbs and spices to use in a product designed to be smelled rather than eaten.

Fried chicken lovers previously went wild on social media over KFC-scented sunscreen, flavoured lip balm and candles.

The bath bomb promotion runs from November 1 – 15.

64 Responses

  1. I like eating KFC but not bathing in it. To be honest its really gross tho bathe in stuff that smells like KFC and it would make you feel really hungry

  2. TBH That sounds Disgusting . We Eat That kfc chicken and now they make something that looks and smells similar to clean ourselves with it !?! Why would you create that .
    -The Truth Teller

  3. How is it disgusting? It’s literally just water that is chicken scented, which means that it smells like chicken. Nothing more, it’s perfectly clean water!

  4. I don’t get how it’s “disgusting”. It’s literally just a bunch of chemicals put together to make a KFC scent! Actually now that I think of it, that sounds pretty bad, but I promise it’s not!

  5. What? I kind of like kfc but a bath bomb? Disgraceful! Ew! I also saw a article about kfc sunscreen. Seriously, someone would want to eat you!

  6. wont it be nice to swim in KFC with a box of chicken in your hands

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