Family accidentally buys 2,300 toilet rolls

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A family in Australia has accidentally purchased 2300 toilet rolls. That is around 12 years’ worth of toilet paper looks like.

The Janetzki family mistakenly ordering 48 boxes of 48 rolls instead of their usual box of 48 rolls from an online delivery service.

They received 2,304 rolls and were charged $3,264 instead of $68.

The move has nothing to do with some of the panic buying people have been doing with toilet paper around coronavirus.

The mistake was made in early February, weeks before fears relating to coronavirus sent the country into a toilet paper-buying frenzy.

The family is now selling its excess toilet paper to help raise money for their daughter’s school.

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  1. Wow, such a good Luck! I mean, I guess they are still trying to afford their Daughter’s School, AND helping others get some Toilet Paper too!

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