Failure Week

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Failure isn’t something that is usually celebrated by schools, but Fettes College in Edinburgh, Scotland, has held ‘Failure Week’ in order to encourage students to embrace failure rather than fear it.

The boarding school celebrates “failure week” to encourage students to take risks so that they can learn from them and to take the pressure off children to succeed at everything.

As part of their celebration of failure, the students learn about successful inventors, artists, and celebrities who have failed many times in their journey to success. The school believes that failure is a key part of learning and succeeding.

Students are encouraged to try something they have never done before, such as playing an instrument or juggling, in front of an audience. Although most people fail at the new tasks everyone has fun and enjoys the experience despite the failure.

What do you think? Does “failure week” sound like a good idea?

Article written by  D Mulhern

19 Responses

  1. this is a good idea because you can step outside your comfort zone AND explore the outside world a little more


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