Evidence suggests Rhino horns are shrinking

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The latest scientific evidence suggests that the size of Rhino horns is shrinking.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge measured the horns of 80 rhinos, photographed between 1886 and 2018 with their horns in full view.

These photos included all five species of rhino – White, Black, Indian, Sumatran, and Javan.

The evidence suggests that the size of rhino horns is decreasing. The Researchers believe that as smaller-horned rhinos survive into adulthood more than larger ones, their smaller-horned traits are being passed on to future generations of rhinos.

The sad thing is that small-sized horns make life more difficult for rhinos. They use their horns to grasp food or to defend against predators.


  • Rhinoceros are an endangered species.
  • There are 5 species of rhino – White, Black, Indian, Javan and Sumatran.
  • There are fewer than 30,000 living in the wild today – just over 100 years ago, there were more than 500,000.

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