Everest increases in height

Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, officially increases 86cm (about the length of a cricket bat) in height.

This is slightly more than Nepal’s previous measurement and about four meters higher than China’s.

The mountain sits on the border of these two countries, who agreed on the new height at the end of last year.

To measure it, last year, a Nepalese team set up a satellite navigation marker on Everest’s peak to gauge its exact position via GPS satellites.

A Chinese team undertook a similar mission this spring, though it used the Chinese-made Beidou constellation of navigation satellites, along with other equipment.

I Martin – Aquinas College

Shem Banbury - Kiwi Kids News Editor

Editor - Kiwi Kids News

Shem Banbury is the Editor of Kiwi Kids News and is the Leader of Learning of Year 7/8 at Aquinas College, Tauranga. In his spare time, he likes to train and compete in long-distance triathlons.
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