End of an Era for Pizza Hut

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Remember the days of going to Pizza Hut for its all-you-can-eat pizza, pasta, salads and desserts!
Well soon that will be over. Over recent years Pizza Hut has been closing down its restaurants in favour of takeaway pizza in a bid to keep up with the changing fast food industry.
The last eat-in restaurant in New Lynn will close on March 20 to make way for 80 carparks for the Lynn Mall.
Since the news broke that it was closing, the restaurant had been swamped by customers wanting to visit one last time.
Pizza Hut is owned by Restaurant Brands which also operated the KFC, Carl’s Jr and Starbucks brands. T

21 Responses

  1. Wow, this is actually pretty saddening. Pizza Hut is the only place where I can find edible, non spicy pepperoni pizza!

    Story: my dad went to Pizza Hut and they said they will be 15 minutes but instaed they can a few minutes later and said that they will be 45mins

  3. Well ill be at pizza hut! so sad there closing, had some pretty good times there, with friends. Glad to know, keep up the lovely articles!

  4. Its because Pizza Hut is unhealthy and its making the youth fat and thats also why they made the made the new curvy barbie, to show what we actually look like

  5. So sad. Real bad that Pizza Hut is closing down. I remember when I had my birthday there.

  6. This is sad -Does the carpark earn use money No! but if pizza hut stays as it it half of their leasing money goes to the council-This is not fair

  7. no please don’t close down pizza hut its the nicest pizza ever please don’t close it down

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