Egyptian president sentenced to death

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An Egyptian court has sentenced Islamist President Mohammed Morsi to death, over a mass prison break during the 2011 uprising.

Morsi was the country’s first freely elected president after the uprising in 2011 that brought him to power.

A further 120 people have also been sentenced to death over the prison break. Since the military overthrew Morsi 2 years ago, many such sentences have been handed down.

In what appears to be the first violent response to the ruling, suspected Islamic militants gunned down three judges and their driver in the northern Sinai Peninsula city of al-Arish.

Supporters of Morsi are being judged harshly in court and receiving tougher sentences as a result.

Morsi already is serving a 20-year sentence for his part in the killing of protesters outside a Cairo presidential palace in 2012.

14 Responses

  1. why are people saying sad??? this is great!!! A cruel guy must face consequences!!!

  2. why would they kill him? he has only got one life and his family would be sad and he would have been scared

  3. Why would you kill him they should just put him in jail. I never knew you were allowed to kill someone like that.

  4. Well that is pretty sad for his family and I think that you should not just sentence someone to death out of the blue

  5. He may deserve it but what about his family it’s not fair on them!

  6. That’s sad. But I do reckon he should be killed for what he’s done, considering others were killed by him or his group. I wonder if they going to elect a new president.

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