Ed Sheeran look alike

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There is a baby in the UK that look exactly like a young Ed Sheeran.

Isla Walton is 2 years old and looks just like the “Shape of You” crooner.

Her mum, Zoe Walton said that her family members always pointed out how much little Isla looks like Sheeran.

Walton says that she and Isla have absolutely no relation to Sheeran, but would love to meet him since they are both big fans.

Tom Davies, a man from Shrewsbury, England saw Isla’s photo on Facebook and decided to post it to Twitter, where the photo soon went viral, receiving over 180,000 likes and 82,000 retweets.

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  1. Yeah! Lets all make a club of siblings that are star look alikes!….(everyone stares awkwardly) Ok never mind.

  2. I’m not being sad, But that kid really look like him,How old is he???

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  3. Whoa, That kid really does look like Ed Sheeran, Guys This might be fake from Ed Sheeran’s Childhood, Like For Reals This Kid… I don’t know, If this is real I’m having hallucinations.

    Thank You

  4. yeah he does look like ed sheeran it would be cool if his name was ed sheeran don’t you think guys?!!!#

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