Earthshot winners announced

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The winners of the second-ever Earthshot prize have been announced!

Prince William created the annual awards. They started last year and were designed to celebrate people inventing solutions to the ever-growing problem of climate change.

Each of the five winners of the 2022 Earthshot prize will receive $1.6 million NZD to carry on developing their inventions.

The Prince of Wales was at the 2022 Award Ceremony in Boston in the US with his wife Catherine to present the winners with their prizes.

This year’s winners were chosen from a list of 15 finalists. The decision was made by a panel that includes Prince William, Sir David Attenborough, actress Cate Blanchett, footballer Dani Alves, Fijian activist Ernest Gibson, and singer Shakira.

Here are this year’s winners…

Clean Our Air
Mukuru Clean Stoves, Kenya: Kenya’s Mukuru Clean Stoves produce stoves that are fired using a combination of charcoal, wood, and sugarcane. This replaces the solid fuels that most stoves use.

Protect and Restore Nature
Kheyti, India: In India, Kaushik Kappagantulu’s Greenhouse-in-a-Box helps farmers protect their crops from extreme weather and pests.

Build a Waste-free World
Notpla, United Kingdom: Pierre Paslier and Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez have been able to create natural, bio-degradable plastic made out of seaweed.

Revive Our Oceans
Australia: The Indigenous Women of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia were chosen for a programme that has trained over 60 women to protect the ocean using both traditional and digital methods.

Fix Our Climate
Oman: This project promises to turn carbon dioxide into peridotite, a rock that is really common in Oman and globally,

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