Donald Trump to allow mining on the moon

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Donald Trump has given his permission for NASA to mine on the moon.

NASA believes the moon’s water, ice and other mineral resources can be mined and used by the U.S.

Last Monday, Trump signed the executive order called the Encouraging International Support for the Recovery and Use of Space Resources.

The order states that the 1967 Outer Space Treaty allows for the use of space resources on the moon, Mars and elsewhere.

The permission maybe used as early as 2024. This is when NASA’s Artemis program aims to land two astronauts on the moon. Their aim is to establish a sustainable human presence by 2028.

According to experts, mining the Moon will help humans travel further in space, to places like Mars.

The plan may be to use the Moon like a petrol station – because it has the resources needed for rocket fuel – like hydrogen and oxygen.

Having a petrol station in space means rockets can travel further into space before worrying about running out of fuel.

16 Responses

  1. OH MY GOSH why would ‘Dumb Trump’ do that and why is it appropriate to do this if only one president gives permission?!?!?!?!?!?!? This is an outrage!!!!!!

    There are still hundreds of countries who need to use the moon and silly old Donald has no knowledge to the proper extent of the danger this puts everyone in the world through. What if the astronauts who are mining the moon accidentally destroy something important??? What if they make the moon break down????? There would be no more moon, and listen here TRUMP, think about where that puts your damn country, think about the predicament that leaves the rest of the world.

    Exactly, you are not prepared and NASA needs to find another way to get fuel more conveniently because you know damn well that it’s also oil that is slowly ruining Earth, and we don’t need the same problem occupying the MOON!!!!!!!!!!

    Honestly, sometimes I wonder how people like Trump get where they are now, when it is so clear that they don’t deserve the role they have!!!!!!!! There are so many people without the money and luxuries Trump has that are worth TEN of him!

    One of the many things that is holding Donald Trump back is the fact that he always turns a blind eye to the consequences of his actions. He never thinks about the fact that this bad decision of his and idea of NASA could very well corrupt my two children, Anthony and Timothy’s well-being. CAN’T YOU SEE THAT TRUMP!!!!!

    In conclusion, Trump is a silly old man and NASA is endangering everyone on Earth and my two beautiful kids.

    (I hope you all realize that my comment is satire).

  2. I think this will be a big step and that it will be a good opportunity for NASA to travel that far in space

  3. Donald Trump, are you trying to burn us to death? You can’t keep mining the Moon for rock samples. We need that to live! Please put a due date to this, because if this continues, I’m afraid that this will be the thing that ends us if it isn’t the Coronavirus.

  4. the moon is really fascinating i also wonder if there are other species in the galaxy

  5. He can’t do that National law is that no country actually owns the moon therefore if he does any other country can also Elon musk be going to mars so Nasa stick with your space station you built you are gonna look after it till the day it gets dark and its battery is low

  6. I think they should leave the moon how it is.
    I dont think humans should mes with what nature gives us.

  7. I think that mining on the Moon is a bad idea, because we need the Moon, and mining on it could have catastrophic results or good results.

  8. why would Donald duck do this. the moon is something nature created if you mine into it it turns it sort of into a man made creation.plus one person choice makes the decision is just a mess give others a chance to have a say in this

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