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Donald Trump has resigned as President of the United States of America.

Speaking today to White House media, Trump said he was stepping down from his position, effective immediately.

The decision means that Trump was President for 69 days, making him the shortest President in terms of days in office …. as well as hand size.

When questioned on the matter of who would take over as President, Trump said his final act was to change the Constitution so that his son would now be given the title of United States President. He said that he modeled this new system on the British Monarchy where the next King just “stays in the family.”

At this stage no official reason has been given for the sudden departure, however, sources close to Trump believe it might have something to do with the poor living standards of the White House.

Sources close to the President have mentioned that Trump often said that the 132 rooms in the White House weren’t enough for all his personalities. On top of this he liked to have one bathroom for each of his 52 toupees – one for each week of the year – the White House only has 35 bathrooms.

In contrast, the Trump Tower, has 339 rooms, easily enough for all of Donald’s personalities and hair pieces.




Happy April Fool’s for tomorrow from the team at Kiwi Kids News.

154 Responses

  1. Don’t trick us like that! We were so excited and then read the bottom and almost cried! ??

  2. my mum loves donald hes my idol and to see you mock him, and tell me he resigned hurt my heart i cried!! not fair

  3. It took so long for the battle of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to finish, and now he is stepping down?! Unbelieveable. Just unbelieveable. He even started building the wall! But I think that’s good news because last night I had a dream that Donald Trump decleared World War lll, and targeting NZ! That’s US! Yes, US!

  4. WHY WE ALL WERE SO EXITED!YOU GUYS ARE MEAN! Just so you know even if you cant see me i am crying?i wanna cry

  5. Kiwi Kids News you r mean trickers i was going to throw a no donald trump party! i belive you Angry man.

  6. Who would like trump to realy resine as presedent?
    Who was happy when they saw this?
    Who was up set when they saw this?
    Dose trump diserve to be the presedent?
    How expensive is his tower?
    How much did the white house cost?
    Wich pace is biger white house or trump tower?

  7. wow i was so excited and this all turn out to be a lie. i am so angry because the worst person in the world is now not president but turns out to be that he is till president.


  9. My sister and me got so excited and told nearly everyone now we have to tell everyone that it was a joke =(

  10. mate i was so happy i cracked my clas and ran but i went to the comments secsion it said apirl fulls

  11. You got me, but I was so happy when I read this article before I read the last line. How sad.

  12. YES, step down donald trump yes yes yes happy news (: (: (: (: (:
    i hope this isnt a gag go away donald trump
    im glad hes gone hopefully the mexican wall will go away too(: (: (: d:
    then i read the bottom….

  13. you got me but has Donald trump really resings being president????????????????????????????????????????

  14. Bummer! You really, really tricked our teacher, she totally thought it had happened! And you know why? Cause she was looking at it yesterday on 4 April but then she realised your article was written 31 March! Oh dear, (wish he had resigned though!!)

  15. Don’y trick us like that was thought you we’re leaving the United States of America! 🙁 D:

  16. Trump don’t do that to us i thought your we’re leaving President of the United States of America! 🙁

  17. That was a bit sad:( because I was suppose to write an article from the “kiwi kids news” and unfortunately this is FAKE so I spent 3 hours writing this and when I read the end I’m like you guys are joking right?

  18. Nice April fools joke but thats no funny. i was hoping for him to resign.

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