Dogs turn blue in India

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Dogs in the Indian city of Mumbai are turning blue.

Experts believe it is due to dyes being discharged by businesses into a nearby river.

It was thought stray dogs were turning blue after wading into the Kasadi River, near the Taloja industrial area, to get food.

The area has nearly 1000 pharmaceutical, food and engineering factories.

Concerns were raised by Arati Chauhan, head of the Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell, who posted pictures online of one dog whose fur had been dyed blue.

A complaint has been laid with the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, which said the dogs that turned blue had gone into the river near the site of a company that used blue dye for a range of purposes.

The company had also been told to immediately remove the dye it was discharging.

43 Responses

  1. I don’t think this is fake but I’m not surprised the council told the factory to keep the blue dye on hold.

  2. This can not be true, to be honest this looks like photoshop, but i guess it might be true, I have been to india and see a dog with a blue leg!

  3. I think it is cruel to make dogs blue, but if I could – without being cruel, I would totally have a blue dog like that

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