Dog meat restaurants in South Korea refuse to stop

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Dog meat restaurants in South Korea are refusing to stop serving dog during the Winter Olympics.

They are defying an order from the Government, saying they will lose money if they comply.

Twelve restaurants in Pyeongchang county were asked by the government to cease serving the meat during the games in exchange for subsidies.

City officials have now admitted only two of the restaurants stopped serving the food.

The non-compliant restaurants have now been asked to update signage on their restaurants to advertise more “neutral” dishes and avoid upsetting visitors in town for the games.

Dog meat is a summertime delicacy in South Korea and residents are believed to eat about one million of the animals a year.

60 Responses

  1. Noooooooooo why you sad people that is the most horrible thing I have ever heard animal cruelty

  2. It’s not that gross, you guys eat cows, they eat dogs. Whats the big deal? You guys just stick to what you do and don’t judge others for their decisions.

  3. I love dogs and all and it’s sad but its the same in other places like some people kill cows sheep pigs etc and you don’t think anything of it unlike there they might do that to dogs and cats

  4. Animal equality, you probably eat cow and chicken and sheep so why not dogs. SO if you’re gonna make such a fuss about dogs then be a vegeterian

  5. why would they do that dogs are so cute and i love my dog my friend loves
    pugs to now i feel scared for my dog

  6. Well animals are born all equal you can’t compare dogs to other live stock as they are all animals

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