Dog gets on the wrong plane

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A 10-year-old German Shepherd has been accidentally shipped across the world due to a United Airlines mix up.

Kansas woman Kara Swindle was shocked to discover her dog Irgo missing when she arrived at the Kansas City cargo facility to collect him.

Instead she was presented with a great dane that was supposed to be making its way to Japan.

Both dogs had an overnight stop in Denver on their respective journeys and it’s believed they were switched when getting ready for the next plane.

According to Ms Swindle it was an anxious wait to find Irgo as the airline could not confirm where he was until the plane landed in Japan.

United Airlines apologised for the mix up and says it is looking into how the mistake occurred.

42 Responses

  1. guys STOP SAYING ITS sad its just a mix up soooo chilllll out

    but seriously the airlines must have really bad service 😉

  2. Should have got her dog back by now and what a weird mix up I wouldn’t like to have my dog switched around with another one and my real dog in a different country!

  3. I watched the exact same story as this on tomo news and i can’t believe the person who put the dogs into the wrong cage couldn’t compare a great dane to a German shepard!

  4. Ohhhhhh, I love German shepherds! That must of been scary for the dog and it’s owner!

  5. Oh dear!
    That once happened to me and my sister on the bus!
    I sorta freaked out
    (That’s an understatement XD)

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