Doctors want Olympics moved due to Zika

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An open letter from more than 100 leading doctors and scientists has called for the Rio Olympics to be moved.

The letter was sent to the World Health Organisation, however, they have rejected the idea of moving or postponing the Olympics.

The WHO believe the Olympics will “not significantly alter” the spread of the virus, which is linked to serious birth defects.

The Zika outbreak began in Brazil a year ago, but now more than 60 countries and territories have continuing transmission.

While Zika’s symptoms are mild it causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads and may also cause a rare and sometimes fatal neurological syndrome in adults.

27 Responses

  1. wow what a hard choice but for me i personly believe that it should move but there are some people that live there and have booked tickets and if it moved the people that were going to the olympics and would then have to travel to to the contry that the olympics were held in and that could cost a lot

  2. I think that they should move it because if after the Olympics if a female competitor decides to have a baby the Zika outbreak could cause terrible defects on it but now that it is definitely in Rio de Janeiro it would be disappointing if it had to be postponed, moved to a different country or even Cancelled!!!

    So I think if maybe they do it in Tokyo this year and then do it in Rio de Janeiro in 2020.

  3. That has to move or the players and people are going to get bite by the Zika so they sould move now read me now

  4. Even the World Health Organization rejected the idea. Zika isnt that dealt, are you all unerdeveloped babies? No? Its not even dangerous at all to us developed people. Unless you are still in the womb, you hardly get seriously sick from it. Zika is much like a flu.

  5. seems to me they should move it… even though the zika virus is NOTHING compared to the black death or smallpox, diseases have been known to mutate… although i guess its hard to move a whole stadium, pros and cons here…

  6. They should move it. Or else they are just going to bring it back to ther own countries.

  7. I think they should not move because they have never done it in Rio before so give it a shot

  8. I think they should move and they shouldn’t move because the Olympics have never been in Rio but the virus is getting dangerous

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