Deaf dog learns sign language

deaf doggy
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A deaf dog in the United Kingdom has started learning sign language.

Last year, Peggy the sheepdog was forced to retire after she was declared deaf.

Peggy uses body language as a communication tool, which has meant she is now back working on the farm.

Peggy was given to the RSPCA when her owner could no longer communicate with her. After she arrived the RSPCA decided they would try and teach Peggy how to herd sheep using body or sign language as a tool of communication.

They developed a range of hand signals for common herding terms such as “come-by” and “steady”. She has also learnt the hand signals for “good girl” and “stop”.

It’s not clear how Peggy became deaf, her ears show no signs of infection, lumps or obvious signs.

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  1. thats just adorable! lil pupper working so hard to be able to hear us! (Not literally, like know what we’re saying.) I am sending the puppy many puppacinos.

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