Daredevil floats into the sky on balloons

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Daredevil David Blaine performed an amazing balloon stunt last week in Arizona.

Blaine went nearly 7600 meters into the sky while hanging from a cluster of jumbo-sized balloons. He then parachuted safely back to earth.

YouTube streamed the vent and said that it set a new record as the most-watched YouTube Originals live event ever with over 770,000 viewers.

Blaine gradually dropped small weights to speed his ascent, donned a parachute mid-flight and strapped on an oxygen mask as he neared 7000m.

Blaine, 47, has a history of performing high-profile stunts. This includes locking himself in a fishbowl, trapping himself in a block of ice for two days in Times Square, and standing freely atop a thin, tall pillar for 35 hours in New York City.

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