Dance of the Palace Guard

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The Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace are known for their odd headwear and their ability to keep a straight face no matter what you do to try and make them laugh – but one guard decided to shake things up a bit!

The guard decided that it was his turn to try to make they onlookers laugh and he succeeded in his task by pirouetting in slow motion in an odd marching dance.

However, the British army are not laughing. In fact the guard is now under investigation for his antics after a video of the incident went viral online.

What do you think? Should the guard be punished or should the army let it go? After all he was still doing his job…and what a boring one it must be too!

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02LxH1D7N5c”]

Article written by  D Mulhern

33 Responses

  1. He should be allowed to keep his job because people are always trying to make them laugh so why cant they try to make us laugh in which they would probably succeed.

  2. i think the army should let it go i mean he was still doing his job and it must be a hard on just to stand there all day and night keeping a straight face and doing nothing but standing there. it must be let go and forgotten about by the army.

  3. How do you keep a straight face without laughing. I don’t know anyone that can do that even for 1 second, unless there sleeping.

  4. I think he should not punished the army should be worried about guarding the palace not a dancing soldier he should be let go

  5. I think that the Army are being too harsh on this man. So what if he tried to brighten up the day a little? Who wants to stand around all day with a straight face.. Boring! People should live a little anyway. #YOLO

  6. I think that he shouldn’t be punished because he was just having some fun and it would be boring walking around back and fourth trying to keep a straight face.

  7. I think that they should let him go or give him a warning. And don’t they have bigger things to worry about like protecting the queen?

  8. The army should let him go, he has to stand there all day and it would be a very boring job. There are lots of issues worse than this.

  9. it’s not a crime or anything all he did was spin in a circle since when is turning around illegal? the army should just let him go

  10. We agree that this guard should have another chance. He is meant to stand all day, doing what? Why not entertain your crowds a little? He isn’t interrupting anyone’s life or annoying them so why is this so wrong. We believe he should not be punished.

  11. I think that they should let him because he was still doing his job and he wasnt even doing anything wrong.

  12. He was just having a good time and having fun its not like everyones perfect so let him go let him enjoy his time!

  13. Well when i grow up i would like to join the army and i have read some information on the net and it seed in the army you have to take it seriously.

  14. he should be able to have a 2nd chance because it is probly a boring job to do so people should LET IT GO!!!

  15. He should be able to keep his job all he really did was turn around when he was walking not a big deal it is not like someone was going to sneak in in like 3 seconds

  16. Let it go as he has to work so hard day and night trying to keep a straight face. Army obiously does not realise what they really do and how hard they work to not laugh. People try making them laugh so why can’t they try make us laugh

  17. They should let him go, but give him a warning not to do it again. Sure, it’s a boring job, but pirouetting is not part of it.

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