Cyclone Winston Devastates Fiji

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Fiji has been hit by Cyclone Winston – the strongest tropical cyclone ever to strike Fiji!

According to the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre it was the strongest cyclone to ever form in the southern hemisphere.

Cyclone Winston brought wind gusts up to 325kmh. People have likened the sound of the winds and waves to a 747 jet plane or a freight train.

It destroyed homes and brought down trees and power lines. All schools in Fiji will be closed for a week.

Large parts of Fiji are still without power, and people have been told to stay indoors until power lines and fallen trees were cleared.

Winston is now heading west away from Fiji but is still a category 5 storm.

New Zealand has sent an Air Force Orion to Fiji to help survey cyclone damage.

54 Responses

  1. That looks really dangerous and very annoying for the people of Fiji. We hope everyone is ok and not too frustrated. We wonder what it would’ve been like…

  2. If I could I want to help those people in Fiji.
    At least I don’t live there:)
    Still I kind of feel sorry for them.

  3. Wow what a shock to see and hear about this i hope my aunty survived love you aunty and i feel sorry for the fiji people. Hope you all are alright. :'(

  4. That must have been really scary for all the people. The wind must have been very strong to knock down houses.

  5. so sad i am coming over at may the 4th and i can give some clothes and money to the place they keep the money and donchins

  6. I just saw the devestating picture of fiji. it was a beautiful island until the cyclone winston came and destroyed it.

  7. They must have got very injured and hurt and some of them maybe need to buy a new house but maybe they left the money in the house that broke down

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