Cutest Hedgehog Ever

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Isn’t this the cutest hedgehog ever?

Going by the name of Huff (his full name is Sir Hodge Huffington), the three-year-old African Pygmy is making making headlines for his cute “fangs”.

Huff’s owner, Carolyn Parker, said he was a rescue hedgehog.

The Utah student started taking pictures of Huff, and started sharing them on Instagram.

Creating the Instagram account in February, Huff already has over 15, 000 followers.

As for his sharp teeth, Parker says “all hedgehogs have little sharp teeth like Huff”.

“It seems his may be a little more pronounced, but for the most part I just try to get pictures that show off that cute feature.”

68 Responses

  1. In my personal opinion, I think that this creature is without a doubt, very attractive. I think that the owner should take extremely good care of this Erinaceinae. My question is, what does this animal consume/digest on a daily basis.

    Yours truly, Bob Marley

  2. this animal is so cute and cuddly i want to hug it but i’m afraid i’ll get hurt

  3. Out of all the hedgehogs I’ve seen, which is not that many, This is probably the cutest.

  4. OMG that is adorable where do you get them I have a pet hedgehog but he is now where near as cute as that.

  5. Hedgehogs are pests. They must be exterminated, or wildlife and insects will be extinct. They are not cute and are harming the environment.

  6. It is the most odd thng on this page but pule is rite buace iv steped on one and thay are pests it is rely prity and i rate it a 10/10 ????

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