Crow solves an 8-step puzzle

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His name is “007”, he’s quick on his feet and fantastic at solving puzzles. But this is not 007 as in James Bond, where talking about the bird called 007 who’s making history with his mental ability. This crow successfully completes one of the most complex tests ever created for the animal mind.


It is Dr. Alex Taylor who worked with 007 in an attempt to study wild birds before releasing them back into the wild. He had shown 007 the puzzles individually before, however this was the first time 007 had seen them arranged in this order and he had to figure out which order to complete them in order to reach the food at the end.

The BBC shows the crow surveying the puzzles then jumping right on in by firstly untying a short stick from a rope before realising he needs a longer one to reach the food. He then uses the short stick to pull out three individual rocks from three individual cages. When he looks like he’s stumped over what to do with the rocks, he figures it out and uses the rocks as weights to retrieve the longer stick needed to score the snack.

This is apparently the first time ever a bird has been witnessed using such intelligent mental ability.

As the Crow definitely shows us all that birds are very very smart! Head over to Kiwi Kids Videos to watch the full video and see 007 past his test with flying colours!


12 Responses

  1. It’s interesting. I never knew the crow can do that!!

  2. wow that bird is really clever.
    it got stuck and then realised what the rocks were for.
    I wonder how long it took to learn to do that.
    I wonder if any other birds can do this.

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