Court bans lady singing because she sounds like a cat

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Heather Webb from Norwich, UK, has been banned from singing inside her own apartment because her voice apparently sounds like a drowning cat.

The woman was handed a 24-month court order. According to the court order, the 48-year-old was ordered to not sing “at a volume which can be heard from outside her property.”

One of her neighbours complained that the woman sings loudly in her ground floor apartment. He added that “she sounds like a drowning cat to be honest.”

Another neighbour, who lives in the same building, reportedly said that she had to use her headphones to avoid the noise.



36 Responses

  1. That is just really weird and mean because no one can stop singing and how would someone sound like a drowning cat?

  2. i feel sorry for that lady is that legal to send someone to court because they sing badly

  3. That is one of the meanest things I have ever heard. Why didn’t the court just ask her to sing quietly, or tell her neighbors to stop whining.

  4. I like the news because it is funny . ha ha ha that’s what my teacher said.

  5. Drowning Cat that weird and still how can she ever sound like a drowning cat? ( I Like The News Because It’s Very Funny )!!!

  6. that is just mean, and court? seriously?? she has rights to her own voice!!!

  7. But if she did sound so bad then no one would come to her concerts would they?

  8. That’s pretty cruel for them, it’s their opinion but saying her voice sounds like a drowning cat is rude, I thought adults were better than that?!

  9. That is soo mean. People who say that it is funny are just mean. I feel bad for her

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