Coldplay become worlds first eco-friendly band

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Coldplay is becoming the world’s first eco-friendly band for their next tour.

To help become eco-friendly the band is going to use a dancefloor that generates electricity when fans jump up and down.

The concerts will also use solar energy, recycled cooking oil from local restaurants, and mains power from 100% renewable sources where available. Other measures in their plan include:

  • The tour will minimise air travel, with sustainable aviation fuel used where flying is unavoidable
  • Venues will be asked to use best environmental practices like installing aerated taps and low-flushing toilets to prevent water wastage
  • The set will be built with materials picked for their environmental credentials, like bamboo
  • Effects like lasers and lighting have been modified to be more energy efficient
  • The LED wristbands worn by audience members will be made from 100% compostable, plant-based materials and will be reused every night
  • An app will let fans plan their journeys to and from the show with lowest possible emissions, and they’ll get a discount code to use at the venue if they commit to low-carbon travel

Finally, the band will also plant a tree for every ticket sold. During their last tour in 2016-2017 they played to more than 5.4 million people.

All of these measures have been put in place as part of a plan to cut their carbon footprint.

The British group announced the details for a new world tour on Thursday, starting in March in Costa Rica. However, they did admit that they haven’t been able to cut the environmental impact of some aspects of the touring, such as flying.

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