Coca-Cola unveil new ‘sugar free’ drink

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Soft drink giant Coca-Cola has unveiled a new no-kilojule product to market that, if successful, will replace the nine-year-old Coke Zero brand.

Coca-Cola No Sugar has been launched in Australia and New Zealand – the second market, after Mexico, where the new product has been trialled. It will be launched in the US later.

The new product uses the same sweetener as Diet Coke, which first hit shelves in 1982, and Coke Zero, introduced in 2006.

Coca-Cola claims the new product tastes like its “classic” full-sugar variety.

The product is the company’s latest attempt to stop consumers moving away from soft drinks.

The company has been expanding its growth categories of dairy and juice drinks to offset an ongoing decline in soft drink sales.

Volumes in its sparkling beverages division – which covers soft drinks – fell 4.7 per cent last year while water, energy and dairy drink volumes rose 3.1 per cent.

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  1. why do they bother makeing no sugur cokes its just a trick for people to buy more.besides standard coke tasts beter

  2. Coke is just a bunch of diabites in a bottle. Why would anyone want to drink that garbage. They are just trying to sell there disgusting product. And what they use to replace sugar is just a bunch od chemicals. So no they are not making there drink healther. They don’t even care about your health. They just want you money. And by buying coke you are just helping them be more good at being bad

  3. Don’t be so insufferable! Be grateful that Coca-Cola has released another product for us to enjoy!

  4. All soft drinks are bad, but diet coke, and coke zero are the worst, not only do they taste bad, but they are worse for you than regular coke.

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