Chinese company clones cat

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A Chinese tech company has managed to successfully clone a cat.

Huang Yu’s pet cat Garlic died 7 months ago. But on the 21st July it was given its new life.

The new Garlic was created by Chinese firm Sinogene. It becomes the first Chinese company to clone a cat.

The pet-cloning company has made more than 40 pet dogs — a procedure that costs around $75,000NZD. In contrast, the price of a cloned cat is around $50,000NZD.

Pet cloning is turning into a large business with customers willing to pay big money to keep their cat alive. A large number of customers in China are younger people with no children.

42 Responses

  1. wow so cool cloning animals is possible when will they start being able to clone humans,better start with pigs or apes just to be safe #anti animal cruelty

  2. Why would you want to clone your animal?
    Sure you’d be upset if they died but still,
    They lived a goodlife.

  3. It’s SCARY! I’m sorry but I would not like a robot living in my HOUSE. What if it malfunctions? This guy needs to get a grip of himself before he wastes his whole fortune

  4. i think it would be the same as just getting a new cat because even if its a clone it wont remember you

  5. yes i can clone myself and i can switch brains so i can live forever

  6. wow do they do horses or big animals like donkey cow sheep goat horse and many more.=) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

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