China opens world’s longest glass bridge

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The world’s longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge has opened to visitors in central China.

Completed in December, the 430m-long bridge cost $3.4m to build and stands 300m above ground.

It connects two mountain cliffs in what are known as the Avatar mountains in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province. In case you are wondering, the Avatar movies were shot there.

The bridge has been paved with 99 panes of three-layered transparent glass.

And according to officials, the 6m-wide bridge – designed by Israeli architect Haim Dotan – has already set world records for its architecture and construction.

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  1. This article gave a lot and lots of information. I wrote tons of things in my book. This article is interesting and thank you to the person who wrote this. Thank you again!

  2. This comment is not to offend anyone or China. If you go search ‘World’s Longest Bridge’ it will come up with millions of different CHINA’S LONGEST BRIDGE. So, some pictures might be fake or the picture in the article. Again this comment is not to offend anyone, the articel’s writer or China. Thank You.

  3. That would be so scary but awesome at the same time. I would love to go over the bridge though.

  4. That’s such a cool bridge and I hope it doesn’t shatter when people are walking across it!

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