Chinese TV’s blacked out

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Huge protests in Hong Kong are calling for the Chinese to have more freedom in choosing the next leader of the country.

These protests have made news channels all over the world however, Chinese citizens are receiving a different story.

Television channels are being blocked in China in an attempt to control what is being seen by those living on the mainland.

When a news channel reports a story in the Hong Kong protests, the TV is blacked out to stop the Chinese getting any ideas to start their own protests or demand more freedom.

Do you think it is fair to control what people see and read about?

Article written by  Charlotte

11 Responses

  1. This is very reasonable, because if people would of seen that, they would of tried to protest for there own city. Even though China is being controlled, it was still a good thing to do.

  2. I’m answering the Question:

    Yes and No. Yes, because I don’t know if the protests are bad or wrong. but are probably good or atleast correct?
    And No because the Chinese would have paid for their television and connection and to not get any is basically a rip-off!

    And imagine if u just bought a tv & then it “doesn’t work”, what would u do. You would probably take it back right? when there was nothing wrong with it. And then what would happen to the tv company or shop?

    I reckon China is making a big mess with it all, aah?

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