Should children’s beauty pageants be banned??

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Children’s beauty contests maybe a thing of the past in France after MP’s voted to outlaw such competitions.

In a bold move, parents could be and sent to jail for up to two years or face a huge fine if they try to enter their children in “Mini-Miss” pageants.

The new law was put forward when a popular magazine featured images of a 10-year-old French girl in December 2010. The girl, Thylane Loubry Blondeau, and two others were photographed with heavy make-up and wearing tight dresses, high heels and expensive jewellery.

The law hasn’t been fully passed yet and will go to the French National Assembly for further debate.

What do you think about beauty pageants for young girls???
Should they be allowed or should they be banned in New Zealand as well.

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71 Responses

  1. Yes, I think this is a good idea.

    It’s probably will be the best for little children these days.
    Because, being involved in such a mature contest, will only cost a big trouble. Because, it involves them to being more mature and act very spoiled at home. Instead, of entering this illegal contest why not study instead? So, it helps them know about their own education and prepares them in the future. Not learning how to be such a freak in the future.

  2. I think that New Zealand should ban beauty pageants because some girls don’t want to do it and they are forced to compete…….

  3. I think that they should be banned for kids under 10 because kids should not do them unless they want to!

  4. I do get both sides of this argument but i think that they shouldn’t band it because if the little girls want to actually want to be a model then this will be good for them~@~

  5. they should be banned also because people just enter them to look pretty in front of boys.And some people might say to someone you look ugly and then they might enter one just to make them self look pretty

  6. i think it should be banned because you are treating them like a doll it is mean to them because they dont know what is happing

  7. It should be banned in france because the parents should not let anyone compete under the age of 16

  8. Hi I’m from Rotorua Intermediate School and I think that this act of shameful competition is disgusting. Search up the name Thylane Loubry Blondeau on Google images and you will find a young girl who has been dragged into the life that only adults should live in. The photos say it all. Fake eyelashes and heavy makeup is true, so is the fact that they wear tight dresses and high heels. These girls should not be exposed to this sort of “adult” attention so yes it should be banned!

  9. I want to reply to toggaf kcid, no it isn’t “hot because these girls are being put into the spotlight that they may or may not like. It will cause controversy and it should be banned. And How old are you?? If you are older than 10 you will have realised that you have made a big mistake saying what you said. Everybody is intitled to their own opinion and I’m just stating mine.

  10. i think that they can’t do that because the parents have been looking after there kids for there whole life

  11. this should be banned because if they dont when bad news for them and who needs to be beautiful even though i am …

  12. Stupid I might be a girl and i might like getting all dressed up but treating kids like a foll is not ok the a human being and should not have that much makeup on.

  13. I think that it should be banned because their parents are spending to much money and spoiling their kids. So basicly when they get older they will be used to geting money spent for them.

  14. at school my class we did a debate about this and there is 26 of us all together and about 5 were on no and the rest were on yes including me

  15. I have a really good point to why this should be banned because if you win the money you are most likely to spend all of it getting ready for the next one 😉

  16. i think it should stop because little girls should have a normal life not a “im a little cutey queen, someone should get my make up”

  17. Man! Little girls should stop competing in beauty pageants bcuz it’s just annoying and bad for them!

  18. That is a lot of money!
    But I think it is kind of cute the beauty padgets that the give to the little kids.

  19. No, I think it is a bad idea making those little girls do that sort of stuff.

    No offence but making them wear all of that makeup and those tight little dresses and high OMG that just isnt natural

  20. It should TOTALLY BE BANNED!!!!! It is ridiculous to dress a child up like a doll and enter her into a ‘competition’ originally meant for adults. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!

  21. No. i think it is weard and stuff but its still a realy cool thing to do that can lead to alot when theyre older

  22. Personally I Don’t think this is a bad idea. It gives children the chance to dress up, gives them the chance to feel like a grown up. 🙂

  23. People don’t need to pretty on the out side because you get more friends from being pretty on the inside so I think this should just a little club for girls to put on gentle lip gloss and dresses not heavy make up and expensive jewel’s

  24. they schould’t be baned because girls can show of there beuty girls rule so dont make all the girls out there in the world be baned and make the feel bad

  25. The outrage and arguments happening down here in the comments is… bad. It is quite obvious that parents should ban these competitions. It is better to show the world your natural beauty rather than cover it full of lies. But really… we should focus on what their personality is.


  26. I think it should be banned because it could influence on them when they are older, and by that I mean wearing tight short dresses and lots of make up, and they could get into bad choices when the go to night clubs and get drunk.

  27. Yes they should be banned like who cares if they look beautiful or not.

  28. i think it should NOT be banned because it is people lives an dreams and we cant take that away from people we know they get suborn sometimes but who care we are not the ones that are doing are we

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