Child destroys $21,000 lego display

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A sculpture comprising thousands of Lego bricks put on display at a popular shopping mall has been destroyed by a curious child who pushed it to the ground.

The artwork took three days and three nights to build, according to its creator, and it was shattered after being on display for less than one hour.

The sculpture was built by Zhao, a school teacher from China, as a hobby. It was chosen to be displayed at Wanda Plaza.

Zhao  spent some NZ$21,200 building the Lego-brick version of Nick Wilde, the hugely popular animated fox from this year’s Disney hit Zootopia.

Reports said that soon after the Lego Nick Wilde was put on display, it immediately attracted dozens of children and their parents who wished to take a photograph with the 1.8-metre piece.

But at least four or five children ignored the safety barrier put up around the sculpture, and one five-year-old placed his hand on the sculpture while posing for a photo and accidentally pushed it over.

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  1. wow, thats big. its a bit expensive.
    i don’t even have that much lego, and i have tons.

  2. that would be so anoying. it would of taken so much work and then a kid distroys it

  3. I feel sorry for the person that made it but its a 5 year old kid LoL
    So it can’t help it probably dosen’t know what a warning sign is

  4. WOW,
    Why would you even want to do that I would just stare.
    That was amazing before it got knocked down.
    Next time can you please give a video.

  5. WOW, I bet you that kid got in a lot of trouble with his mom and everyone else!

  6. HOLY CHEESE! DID the kids family have to pay for the sculpture? If they didn’t then they were lucky!

  7. I’m Just wondering how a 5 year old kid “push” over such a sculpture!
    I feel sorry for the child’s parent

  8. The kid wouldn’t have to pay for it because the lego wouldn’t snap
    it could be rebuilt but it would take many days
    Unless the kid has to pay for lost time or something

  9. Who wants to do that! Nick Wild was my favourite cartoon I was soo sad when I heard about this!?

  10. come on guy maybe it was an accident plus even if i was on purpos why did the perants let him go in the first place

  11. If the child was posing for a photo, why did the photographer not ask the child to move away from the statue?

  12. First of all i love lego secound of all that is amazing and third of all that statue is a character is from zootoupia and that is just so so so so so so so so so so so exsalent

  13. Parents need to READ the signs, AND supervise their children. P.S I am not trying to pick on parents. Just giving some advice.

  14. that is cool but it is so mad and disappointing that a kid pushed and broke by the way that one massive cool toy from zootopia

  15. Oh my gosh!!I feel so sorry for that Chinese guy!!! I hope the 5-year-old’s parents pay for that.

  16. Why in the world would a “child” push a sculpture down when like a mean he’s so little?Im not blaming anyone and that I’m just saying ??

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