Charge your phone with sweat

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A company in the US has developed a battery that is charged using your own sweat.

A small tattoo is placed on your skin and it produces power from your perspiration.

The biobattery is fuelled by lactate – which is naturally present in sweat after vigorous exercise.

It is hoped that this new system could power heart monitors, digital watches and eventually even smartphones.

However, at the moment the power that is produced  is not that high – only four microwatts.

The company is working on ways to enable the system to produce enough power  so it can charge small electronic devices.

Interestingly the company has found that people who were less fit produced the most power. While those who exercise most (more than three times per week) produced the least.

The scientists believe it is because less fit people become fatigued sooner, so they form more lactate.

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  1. What a amazing piece of technology I know my mum would want one when she goes to the gym!!!

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